Apr 23, 2014

STAY excerpt

“How’s the Squirt?” Braden asked.
“Turning her cousin’s room into a fort. She was pretty damn happy to get out of the house.” His voice was slightly somber when he spoke.
“Eh. Don’t take it personal. Forts are pretty cool.”
He smiled when Wes laughed.
Under the table, Braden locked his fingers through Wes’s as they rested on his leg. He turned when he heard a familiar laughter and saw that a few of the guys from the firehouse came in and were seated at the bar.
“Am I allowed to be glad you came?” he said to Wes.
“When I’m drunk, you’re pretty much allowed to do whatever you want.”
He had this sexy, sweet, loopy look in his eyes. His brown hair messier than it usually was. The urge to rub his cheek against Wes’s facial hair hit him. Jesus, he liked seeing Wes like this. Hated the fact that he had to be drunk to feel free, but Braden couldn’t stop staring at him, either. He was all responsibility, seriousness, but right now he was just…Wes. He realized that he liked Wes a little more than he’d thought.
“Dance with me, Wesley.” Braden nodded toward the dance floor as a slow song played.
Wes frowned. “There are guys from your firehouse here. Cooper said he didn’t know you were bi until he got with Noah, and that no one at the station knows. I just assumed it was something you wanted to keep to yourself.”
Braden didn’t work that way. He was right that none of them knew, but it wasn’t because he purposefully kept it to himself; he just hasn’t been with any men in Blackcreek until Wes. “Nah. I’d have to give a shit what other people think for me to want to keep it to myself—which I don’t, if you were wondering. You’re sexy as hell and I want to dance with you. You’re much more agreeable when you’re drunk, so this might be my only chance.”
He waited for Wes to say no. Waited for life and responsibilities and whatever it was that Wes kept hidden behind his walls to reemerge. But it didn’t. Without letting go of his hand, Wes stood and led Braden to the dance floor.

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