Sep 4, 2014

FULL CIRCLE available now (and upcoming book news)

FULL CIRCLE is finally live on all the ebook platforms it will be sold at.

I have to admit, it felt like forever on this one. It was a tough book for me to write. It's hard to manage a threesome relationship, realistically through a whole book. Or what feels realistic to me, I guess. To make sure everyone has a role, no one is left out, they're equal in all things. It took a lot of thought. Not only that, but in a lot of ways, this book is different than the first one. At least it feels that way to me. It goes beyond that moment where most books end--the happily ever after, and delves into what it takes to keep it happy. Tristan said I love you at the end of BP, but that didn't magically fix everything. It didn't magically fix him. We all knew they loved each other but this book is about learning to love themselves, and putting in the hard work a relationship takes.

Well that and putting the past to rest...and we all know Mateo's past is a dangerous one... :)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the conclusion of Mateo, Tristan, and Josiah's story. Ben broke me in this one. I fell hard for the man and I can't wait to write his story next year.

For those wondering, the next book will be Blackcreek book three--Mason and Gavin's story--early 2015.

And then Ben's book, mid 2015. Ben has revealed a lot to me recently that I didn't know about him. I don't think his story will be easy to write.

Thanks for all the support and links below for FULL CIRCLE. Paperback will be available soon on Amazon. I'm going to share the full jacket below just because I'm in love with it. I think the back and spine is perfect for the series.

Nothing in life is ever easy, and no one is more painfully aware of that than Josiah Evans, Mateo Sanchez, and Tristan Croft. They know what they want—each other—but with three people as broken as they are, all those pieces aren't so easily mended.

Josiah is their glue. All he wants is to give his men what they need.

Mateo wants to absolve himself of his sins. To be worthy of love and to protect it.

Tristan must let go of his past, must learn how to need, and what it really means to take care of someone.

To keep the balance intact, they all have their roles to play. But what happens if the balance shifts? What happens when someone doesn’t play the right part? If one of them falters, they all feel the strain.

The only way to complete their full circle is for all their pieces, despite the curves and rough edges, to fit together perfectly. To do that, Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan must learn to get over the pasts that have defined who they are. And when an old enemy returns and threatens the foundation of their new life, decisions will be made, and boundaries will be tested that could change their lives forever.



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