Sep 11, 2014

Interview with Jamie Lake

Author Jamie Lake stopped by my blog today!

Describe Bad Boy. How is it different than most gay romance novels? Bad Boy is a lot different because it deals with a situation that although people on the surface may think they’d never get into, the human elements are something everyone can relate to. You have a teacher who has his hours slashed and is so desperate to make ends meet that he’s willing to do anything, even compromise his values to survive. In his case, Peter finds himself doing nude massages. He’s single, he’s lonely and figures after years of dating, that he’ll never meet the one. So, although there is a tremendous career risk, he’s willing to take it. But that’s when he finally meets the perfect guy and finds himself in a serious dilemma trying to live a double-life.

How was it that you thought of Bad Boy originally? It was actually inspired by true events. That’s why when some people say, “Oh, this couldn’t really happen,” I kind of laugh a little to myself because on some levels it did actually happen. I just exaggerated and let my imagination go wild about how bad I could really make it for my protagonist.

Making a protagonist an educator is a little different than most m/m novels. Why did you make Peter one? To my knowledge, there aren’t many m/m novels that feature teachers and teachers are hot. I’m sure we can all relate to having a crush on a teacher or two. I had a crush on my Health teacher in high school. Woof! He was fucking hot. Plus, I wanted to think of the very last profession anyone would expect a nude massage therapist.

A cop named Chip is your love interest. That was an interesting choice. I also think Cops are pretty hot too. When I lived in New York, they had the hottest cops. I often would fantasize about a situation or two back then when I was single. So, I figured I’d live out my fantasy through my characters.

Tell my readers about your antagonist. Yeah, he too is loosely based on someone I dated who was in the mafia. When you get to know people in the mafia well, they’re a lot different than you expect. Real human beings, often nice people with integrity but they have that other side, that is not pretty if you cross it.

Did you have any idea people would be so receptive of a hot teacher that massages clients in the nude at night? I was kind of surprised actually. I love the fact that in the m/m world, the readers are open to new situations that they usually don’t read about. I think many people fantasize about being able to rub down hot guys if they could get away with it. Fortunately for us, we can live vicariously through the characters we read about.

Where can we get a copy of Bad Boy? You can get it exclusively on Amazon or email me at JamieLakeNovels AT gmail.