Oct 7, 2014

Thank you & an update

I want to start off this post by saying a big thank you for all the FULL CIRCLE love. I really appreciate you continuing to take this journey with me.

Now for an update on what's to come. I've had quite a few people asking me so I wanted to post it here to make it easier for everyone.

It's currently untitled. I've started it and I'm having fun with Mason and Gavin. I don't have an exact release date and I can't make any promises this early in the game, but my plan is to hopefully have it ready to be released in January or February 2015. You'll definitely get to see the whole Blackcreek gang in Mason and Gavin's book. You'll get updates on Noah and Cooper plus Braden and Wes, and get to spend a little time with them all. As of now, Mason and Gavin's book is the last book in the series. That doesn't mean that can't change... I'm sort of liking this other guy who is in their book but I can't promise his story either. As I get farther into Mason and Gavin's book, I'll have a clearer picture in my head.

This book is also currently untitled. It has NOT been started yet. It's Ben's book. I have a feeling his story will be a tough one to write. It might take me some time--or who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and I won't be able to turn it off. Time will tell. I'm excited to write Ben's book...but I'm also a little scared too. His book WILL be the last book in the Broken Pieces series. One cool thing is, I've already touched base with the photographer I work with and we have a model for Ben! We haven't done a shoot or anything like that but it's exciting to know who will be on his cover. When I can share with you guys, I will!

Thanks again for all the support. Next month will be a year since COLLIDE came out. In that time I've released four books, met some incredible readers online, and had the time of life. I feel so lucky.