Feb 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day from Nick and Bryce

So...I wanted to do something as a sort of thank you to you guys. I know I say it all the time, but I seriously feel so lucky to do with I do, and to have your support. It means the world to me when you guys enjoy reading about my guys, because they all mean so very much to me. Thank you for reading. Thank you for chatting on Facebook and Twitter and for reviewing and sharing posts and everything you do for me. There are not enough words for how much I appreciate you.

This is ALL for fun. It's totally Nick and Bryce and sexy and sweet, and don't expect something huge like a proposal or something. LOL. This is just for fun--because you guys are amazing and I always miss Nick and Bryce so much. Writing SHIFTING GEARS, reminded me how much I love Nick and Bryce. I loved every scene they had in Rod and Landon's book.

I'll stop rambling now. Here is some Valentine's Day Nick and Bryce love.

Bryce sat in a small table in the corner of Nick’s watching the waiters and waitresses speed across the busy restaurant. Goddamn people wanting to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and fucking up his and Nick’s holiday. They should be out somewhere together, or home fucking each other’s brains out instead of Nick in the kitchen, and Bryce out here pouting.

Because he was pouting and he didn’t care who knew it.

He’d never given a shit about Valentine’s Day before Nick, but damn it, he cared about it now.

“Nick said to bring you this and tell you to stop being a baby.” Bryce’s eyes darted up at the waitress and she looked nervous, her cheeks flushed. “He said he’d give me twenty bucks if I added the being a baby part, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it.” She handed Bryce a bottle of beer.

“I blame him, not you,” Bryce told Lily. She was a college student who waited tables evenings and weekends. Knowing Nick, he knew the girl needed extra money so he made the twenty-dollar deal to help her out. “And you tell him he doesn’t want to play this game with me or I’ll start saying things that embarrass him—like mentioning exactly what I’d rather be doing with him instead of sitting in this restaurant.”

“Oh, you are bad.” Lily smiled at him and Bryce winked at her.

“I play to win.” Nick knew that about him. He knew Bryce had no qualms saying anything to embarrass Nick.

Lily shook her head. “He said about half hour and he can take a break,” she told him, then turned and went back to work.

Bryce continued to grumble over his beer. It amazed him sometimes, how much his life had changed since Nick came into it. Even though he understood that Nick had a business to run, he couldn’t deny the fact that he really was a little bummed that they couldn’t spend tonight together. He’d never done something special with someone on Valentine’s Day before, even though this wasn't the first one they'd spent together. He got it in his head that he wanted it this year and once Bryce got an idea in his head, he didn't like those ideas getting derailed.

Plus, he just wanted everything with Nick.

And he knew Nick wanted everything with him too.

Bryce nursed his beer. It was less than half an hour later when he felt a familiar heat, smelled a familiar scent, and knew that Nick was behind him. He turned just as Nick leaned down and kissed his forehead. It was automatic for them now. Fuck anyone who had a problem with it.

“Let’s get outta here.” Nick nodded toward the door. It was then that Bryce realized he was dressed in jeans and a shirt instead of his chef’s uniform.

“Where are we going? I thought you had to work?”

Nick shrugged. “I fixed it so I only had to work half a shift. Did I forget to tell you that?” Nick smiled, making fire flame in Bryce’s gut. He loved this man so much he ached.

“Forgot, huh?” Bryce asked him.

“Yep.” And then when Bryce didn’t move, he added, “You know I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day with you just as much as you wanted to spend it with me, Bryce. I didn’t know if I could make it work, but you were upset, so I made sure to find a way. That’s what it means to love someone. You do everything in your power to make them happy, to spend time with them, to give them what they need. You wanted to spend Valentine’s Day together, and we’re doing it.”

Jesus, he didn’t know what he did in life to score Nick, but he’d be thankful for it every day. This was just like Nick. He had the biggest heart of anyone Bryce knew. “So you did this for me, huh?”

“Nope.” Nick winked. “I did it for me. I’m crazy about you. You know I want to spend all my time with you too; now can we leave please? I thought you would have dragged me out of here already.”

That sounded like the perfect idea to Bryce. Pushing to his feet, he grabbed Nick’s hand and did exactly what he’d said. He led the way toward the door, Nick on his heels.

“I wish we had my bike,” Bryce said as the cool air bit into them when they stepped outside. “I want to feel your legs around me.”

“Maybe that can be arranged when we get home. We can sit on your bike in the garage. We can pretend to ride it and then you can ride me?”

Bryce let out a loud laugh, his dick going hard at the same time. “Your sense of humor is getting better since you’ve been with me.”

“Who said I was joking?”

Even more blood rushed to his already engorged dick. He liked that idea. Liked it a whole hell of a lot, but… “Last time we did that the bike fell and got banged up.”

Nick rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t want your precious bike to get messed up.”

“You know I care more about your dick than a bike, but isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be romantic or something like that? I’ll ride you in our bed; that way we can sleep with our come and sweat on the sheets all night.”

Nick stopped and looked at him. “That’s romantic?”

Bryce grinned. “It is to me.”

They both laughed as they climbed into Nick’s car. It didn’t take long for them to get home. Bryce had wondered if Nick had other secrets for tonight, but it looked like they were really just going home to fuck…which he was okay with. He loved having Nick inside of him, loved having Nick a part of him in a way no one ever had been or ever would be. Just Nick.

He waited as Nick unlocked the door. He planned to tackle the man as soon as they stepped inside, but then Nick opened the door and… “Holy shit.” Bryce stepped inside. All of the lights were out, but there were candles lit all over the living and dining rooms.

“How?” Bryce asked as they stepped inside.

“Christi, of course. Speaking of.” Nick turned toward the hall and called out, “You better not be in here, Christi! I said you can’t watch! She’s as bad as Rod, sometimes.”

Bryce heard Nick, but he couldn’t find it in him to laugh. He stepped close to the kitchen table. “Are you kidding me?” he reached out and touched the two candle holders in the middle of the table.

“Nope. I’m not kidding. Motorcycle muffler candleholders. Who would have thought?”

Just Nick. Only Nick.

Bryce ran his finger over the plate. It was chicken and his favorite potatoes that Nick made. The plates were new too, and shaped like tires. It was ridiculous and silly and Bryce fucking loved it.

“Thank you.” He turned to reach for Nick, but Nick was already stepping up to him.

Nick’s hands went to Bryce’s shoulders and he leaned close to his ear. “I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. You’re my soul mate, Bryce. You are all I will ever need.”

Bryce closed his eyes, felt his chest swell. “You’ll always have me. Didn’t know what living was until I had you.”

Nick kissed his cheek and then stepped away. “If we don’t eat now, we won’t do it. Christi had to time everything just right to keep the food warm and not risk setting our house on fire with the candles. We should get to it.”

In a way it was silly, but Bryce felt a warmth through his chest when Nick pulled a chair out for him. “Thank you.” Bryce sat and then Nick walked over and took the seat across from him. “You’re being awfully romantic tonight. I hope you don’t expect me to put out.”

Nick chuckled. The sound of his laugh was Bryce’s favorite thing to hear.

“Yeah, like that’s ever been a problem with you. Hell, I have to struggle to keep up with you.”

“You do a fine job.” Bryce winked at him. “No complaints here. And don’t pretend you’re not just as horny as I am.”

From there they ate and talked. Nick spoke about work and his family. Bryce talked about the shop, and motorcycles. Bryce told Nick about his sister-in-law Hope’s upcoming birthday celebration and Nick reminded Bryce that his sister Karrie was dropping her kids off to hang out with them the next day.

He loved the way their lives fit together. No, everything wasn’t perfect all of the time. Nick’s mom was still a work in progress and his sister Michelle still needed to pull her head out of her ass, but what in life was ever perfect? Families fought. They didn’t always get along. They weren’t always close. That was real, and as long as Nick and Bryce were okay, Bryce was satisfied they would overcome anything.

They loved each other. Always would and that was the only thing that mattered.

“Why you so quiet ever there?” Nick asked him.

“Just thinking about how lucky we are.”

“You’re more sentimental now. I made you a softy.” Nick winked at him. “I like it.”

“I wouldn’t go that far. You just caught me on a good day.”

They finished eating by candlelight, something Bryce had never done in his life. When they were done, he carried the dishes to the kitchen with Nick. After they set them on the counter, Bryce grabbed him, pulled him close. His mouth went down hard on Nick’s, and he immediately opened up for him. Bryce backed him against the counter; something fell into the sink but they ignored it as Bryce kissed the hell out of him.

He loved the taste of Nick. The scent of him. The feel of his hard body and that big fucking cock against him. Inside of him.

Nick’s large hands held his face. Bryce’s fingers dug into Nick’s hips. He wanted to fuck all night. To lick, taste and screw each other until they were nothing but a mass of sweaty bodies that melted into one another.

He trembled, fucking trembled, when Nick grabbed his dick through his jeans, and squeezed. “Mmm. I’m gonna get on my knees for you. Want your dick in my mouth.”

Jesus, he almost came right then, but instead he backed up, and smiled when Nick whined. “Hold that thought. I’ll—”

“Nope. Not gonna happen yet. This is my night, remember? I’m still hungry.”

Bryce’s knees went weak. “Oh fuck,” he gritted out when Nick dropped to his knees. It made his cock leak every time Nick said something like that. Made him damn near jizz his pants.

Nick’s fingers were quick to work his button and zipper. Bryce watched him as he pulled his pants down. As cliché as it sounded, his fucking heart skipped a beat. He took in Nick’s smile, his dark hair, the cut of his jaw. Bryce couldn’t help but reach out, stroke his hair. “You are so goddamned beautiful.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m about to suck your cock.”

Bryce stepped out of his jeans. “No. You’re always beautiful. You’re sexy as fuck when you’re on your knees for me.”

And then Nick leaned in. He buried his face in Bryce’s crotch. Inhaled deeply. Rubbed his cheek against the nest of hair and Bryce nearly bit his tongue to keep from coming.

“I don’t know what it is about your pubic hair. Love the feel of it scratching my face. I want to breathe in your scent all fucking day. Just live with my face between your legs, sucking your dick…licking your balls. Just fucking make a home right here.”

“Oh shit.” Bryce’s cock jerked. He shot, just a little, before Nick grabbed onto him, keeping him from spilling all his seed. “Jesus fucking Christ, what did I do to you?”

“You woke me up. Showed me how to live.” And then Nick licked the come that ran down Bryce’s erection. He groaned, almost closed his eyes, but wanted to see this. Needed to. He held Nick’s head as Nick blew him. He savored the feel of Nick’s hot, wet mouth around his aching erection.

Nick took him deep, swallowed him whole. “Fuck, you’re good at this. My good little cocksucker.”

He almost blew when Nick looked up at him, his dick in his mouth and tried to smile around it.

How did he get so lucky? How was it that this man was his?

Nick kept working his prick. He played with Bryce’s balls. Paid a lot of attention to his crown. It was then that Bryce’s balls tightened, his orgasm slamming into him as he came in three long spurts down the back of Nick’s throat.

Nick swallowed it all, then buried his face between Bryce’s legs again. “Mine.”



Nick undressed. After the blowjob they’d made out for a minute before Bryce excused himself. Nick took care of the candles and such in the dining room before making his way to their bedroom.

He hated that his job had gotten in the way of them spending the whole evening together. Spending every second he could with Bryce was always important to him, but when he realized how important this day was to Bryce, he knew he had to work out something. There were no words to express how much it meant to him that Bryce wanted them to spend this day together. Usually, those kind of things were more Nick. But that’s how much Bryce loved him. There wasn’t a day that went by that he wasn’t thankful for the man.

Once he was undressed, he walked naked to their second bathroom, cleaned up a bit and then went straight to the bed, waiting for Bryce. He’d hardly sat down, his back against the headboard when Bryce came in, wet, naked and hard.

He stole Nick’s breath. Every time he looked at Bryce, the man’s hold on his heart got tighter. “Come here,” Nick told him, patting the spot beside him on the bed.

Bryce walked over. “You’re awful bossy tonight,” he said before he laid on the bed, leaning over Nick’s left leg, his mouth going straight for Nick’s cock. He stroked it once, twice, and Nick hissed from the pleasure. “Christ, I will never get over this big piece of meat.” He kissed the tip. “So glad I get to feel it inside me now.”

Bryce loved to bottom for him. Even though they were both vers, it was Bryce who wanted to be fucked most of the time. Nick loved the feel of Bryce in his hole, but there was nothing like stretching out Bryce’s. He wanted to live there too, buried balls fucking deep in Bryce’s ass.

Bryce leaned over him, sucking Nick just the way he liked. Nick groaned, moving his lips just slightly before spitting on his fingers.

He traced Bryce’s crack, and his legs opened for Nick. He kept sucking, kept blowing him as Nick’s fingers slipped between his crease and he started rubbing Bryce’s tight hole. He felt Bryce shudder, moan around Nick’s dick in his mouth as Nick continued teasing Bryce’s eager opening.

“Put it in me, Nick. Need something inside of me while I worship your cock.”

Nick did as he was told, slipping one finger inside Bryce, pulling it in and out…just playing, while Bryce blew him. Nick’s eyes were torn between the head in his lap, the mouth and hand bringing him to the edge before backing off, the way Nick liked, and watching his finger teasing Bryce’s hole.

He wanted his face there, between Bryce’s cheeks eating at him. Wanted to fuck him with his tongue.

As Bryce’s skillful mouth took as much of him in as he could, Nick cried out, dropped his head backward against the headboard and fought off the orgasm looming right beneath the surface.

“Get up, baby. You’re going to make me finish too soon.”

Bryce hummed around his balls. “I didn’t get to eat your come yet. That’s not fair. You got my load.”

Nick chuckled, wanted to come, but also wanted nothing more than to savor Bryce. “I’ll give you one in your ass first. Then you can wake me up later with your mouth on my dick. A midnight snack.”

Bryce looked up at him and fucking glowed. “I have ruined you. Turned you into a dirty fucking boy and I love it.”

Nick loved it too.

“Come here,” Nick told him, and Bryce did. He sat up, straddling Nick’s lap and then they ate at each other’s mouths again. He knew every inch of this man by heart. Knew how he tasted everywhere. How he felt and smelled and every scar or mark on his body. Nick had kissed them all, licked them all, and Bryce had done the same to him. They were two halves of a whole. He would follow Bryce anywhere, and damned if he didn’t know Bryce would do the same for him.

Nick wrapped his arms around Bryce as Bryce moved his hips. They spent long minutes just making out, savoring each other slowly and passionately. Finally, Nick pulled his mouth away. “What do you want?” he asked, before licking Bryce’s nipples.

“I want you to get my ass ready with your mouth, and then I want to ride you.”

Nick flipped them, Bryce going down in his stomach before Nick slid between his legs. He opened Bryce’s ass cheeks, looked at the tight, pink pucker and his mouth watered.

“I love this.” Nick rubbed Bryce’s asshole with his thumb as Bryce fucked the bed. “It’s still so crazy to me that I fit inside of here. That you let me. That I get to feel your heat, your tight hole squeezing my cock.”

“Holy fuck, Nick. You’re killing me with the dirty talk tonight. Happy goddamned Valentine’s Day to me. Now please put your tongue in me. I want you to lick me until I almost come apart.”

So Nick did. He lashed his tongue over and over against Bryce’s opening. He used his finger to stretch it, then pushed his tongue inside, pleasuring Bryce, which was pleasure for him too.

When he had Bryce ready for him, Nick pulled away, swatted his ass and said, “Let me make love to you.” They fucked. They always did, but fucking was also making love. Anything he did with Bryce was making love, whether it was slow and soft or fast and hard.

He grabbed the lube from the bedside table, wetting his dick as Bryce did the same to his hole. Then Nick lay down, watched as Bryce threw a strong, muscular leg over him. As Bryce grabbed Nick’s cock and aimed it for his own hole.

Bryce lowered slowly, so fucking slowly. Nick felt his ass stretch, felt the resistance as Bryce’s insides adjusted to Nick’s girth.

His balls already wanted to explode. Wanted to fill Bryce up.

He bit his lip and Bryce lowered until he sat on Nick, Nick’s cock firmly lodged inside of him.

And they both breathed.

“I love you. So fucking much.” Nick stroked Bryce’s cheek.

“I love you too, baby. Hell, I loved you before I even knew you. That should tell us something.”

And then Bryce started to ride him. He raised and lowered; rotating his lips as Nick watched his dick disappear inside Bryce’s body, then pull out again. He was on fire, his body aflame. He felt Bryce everywhere. His dick was in heaven, buried deep in Bryce’s ass.

Bryce leaned over and kissed him. Their tongues made love with each other in unison with the rest of their bodies. “I’ll never get used to this…how I got so lucky.” Nick ran his hands up and down Bryce’s torso.

“Me either. You are fucking mine.”

Nick growled. Flipped them over so Bryce lay on his stomach. Nick went down over the top of him, head to toe before working his way inside Bryce’s ass again.

They moved, their bodies slapping together as Nick rode him hard. He knew Bryce’s dick was rubbing off in the bed as Nick railed into him. He loved the feel of Bryce’s hard body beneath him.

Nick kissed the back of Bryce’s neck. Their bodies were slick with sweat. He locked their fingers together over Bryce’s head.

“Oh fuck, Nick. So goddamned good. I’m losing my fucking mind.”

“Me too,” Nick told him. “I’m right there with you, following your lead. Always.”

And then he felt Bryce’s ass clench around him. Heard him let out a heavy breath. His body trembled and then went rigid as he came. That was all it took for Nick to give into his own orgasm. He slammed into Bryce over and over, emptying his balls inside Bryce’s willing body.

And then he died.

“I’m dead,” Bryce said as Nick gave Bryce is full weight, lying on top of him.

“I just thought the same thing.” Nick chuckled.

“Don’t move.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.”

“I love you,” Bryce said.

“I love you too.”

“Happy Valentine’s day.”

They still held hands. Bryce opened his legs so Nick could settle between them a little better. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” Nick replied.

“If that’s how we spend the holiday, I’m declaring every fucking day Valentine’s day in this house.”

That was perfectly fine by Nick.