Oct 16, 2017

JARED'S EVOLUTION, why BDSM and following your heart

I have a new book release!!! YAY. I will start off by saying I'm incredibly proud of this book. I was scared to write it but passionate about writing it and it feels really good to have followed my heart. Jared and Kieran's journey means a lot to me...that being said, I KNOW it isn't for everyone. If you're not interested in BDSM or Daddy Kink, you likely will not enjoy this book. I put the warning in the blurb, because I wanted everyone to know what they were getting into. I created the "Desires Unleashed Collection" with a logo so people would know what they're getting into. If you see one of my books with the logo and you don't enjoy BDSM or kink, you might want to skip that book. BUT, if you see a new book without that logo, you can expect the Riley you've been used to over the years.

I wrote a little something on my Facebook page, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It gives you a bit of an idea on how I feel and this book.


I've had a few people ask me why BDSM? Why now?

First, let me start by saying no reader should ever read something they’re not interested in. I get it. I want to read books I think I’ll enjoy and you likely do too…but on the flipside, all writers should also write what they’re interested in, what they’re passionate about. Because someone has never written something before, that doesn’t mean the interest hasn’t always been there…and if it’s a new interest, that’s okay too.

I can’t write something if my heart isn’t into it. Writing comes from love and passion for me so if I write something…I’m passionate about it and not doing it for trends, shock value or anything else. The question on why to write this or that just doesn’t sit well to me, even when I KNOW the people asking mean no offense. But it feels like…why would you write this weird, different thing when you could write vanilla and that reminds me of times myself and good friends have been asked by publishing…since the book isn't about race, why write this black character when they could be white? Or getting asked why write m/m when you could be writing m/f (real questions I've gotten)? The second I’m not writing with my heart, that means I shouldn’t be writing.

From the beginning of my career I’ve always written what is in my heart, and I’ve always believed everyone should see themselves in the stories they read. Even back to my early days of YA before there were hashtags for diversity, I wrote diverse characters. We need books for everyone and I’ve always tried not to limit myself in which stories I tell, even if it’s something new for me. There’s always a need for different stories. And sometimes…a character is black not because it’s a race story…but just because that’s who they are. Sometimes a character is gay not because it’s a coming out story…but just because it’s who they are. Sometimes a character practices BDSM just because that’s who they are too. (actually, I should say most of the time in all of these situations instead of sometimes)

The truth is, I’ve wanted to write this book for a long time. The truth is, this story came from my heart in a big way. Maybe five years ago, I never would have seen myself writing this book but that’s the beauty in being human…and in books, IMO. We grow and learn and change—much like Jared does in the book. I’ve learned SO much about myself through reading and writing. My viewpoints and world has been opened in so many ways. I feel more secure in who I am as a person, in ways I never have before. It’s funny how those things happen when you don’t realize they’re happening…but man, pretty incredible too.

We’re all evolving all the time—or we should be. As writers, our books evolve. As readers, our reading tastes often evolve, which doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the old behind—just expanding to see and share and experience MORE things, which I think is important. Certain topics are being written about and read about more because…well, I think because we’re seeing that we don’t have to keep ideas, thoughts and feelings locked away because they aren’t the popular opinion or because they're "different". We’re seeing it’s okay to talk about and do things that everyone might not understand…but they don’t have to understand, really. That’s okay as long as we respect those differences in people.

So…I wrote this book because it means a lot to me. I wrote it because I’m passionate about it. I wrote it because it explores topics that I feel strongly about. I wrote it knowing that it wouldn’t sell as well and not as many people would be interested in it, because it was important to me. Does that mean I’ll be writing all kink now? Nope! That’s why I started the Desires Unleashed collection. When you see that logo, you know what you’re getting into. If that isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Just keep going and hopefully pick up the next book. If that logo isn’t on a Riley novel, then you know what to expect as well.


Like I said, everyone should read what they're interested in. If you think you'd enjoy it, I hope you give it a try. If it's not your thing, I hope you'll give my next book that isn't "Desires Unleashed" a chance. There are SO many stories to tell--kink and not kink. So many stories to read--kink and not kink. How lucky are we to have so many incredible stories to choose from? How lucky am I to be able to follow my muse, wherever she takes me, and to write stories I'm proud of?

My next single author book that isn't part of Desires Unleashed will be the second Last Chance book, coming early 2018.

For now, those who are interested in kink and BDSM, here's a little about Jared.

He wants to dominate me…to discipline me. He wants me to call him Daddy…

I’ve always taken care of myself—worked hard to become king of the courtroom and excel in the cutthroat business of winning cases. I’m fierce…brutal…confident. I’m a lie. Underneath my armor, I’m drowning, losing myself under the weight of life. At thirty-three years old, I should be able to handle the pressure.

My neighbor Kieran sees past my spotless suits and manufactured control to the real Jared. The one who secretly craves being dominated, to serve, and to give up control—not just in the bedroom, but in every aspect of my personal life.

I can’t want this…but I do… When I’m under Kieran’s command—spanked, rewarded and caged—I’m free. With Kieran’s care and guidance, my mind is unburdened as my body soars to new heights, and Kieran becomes what we both need him to be: Daddy.

It’s a journey of dominance and submission—of rules, schedules, security and discipline. He opens my world, teaches me, changes me…but he doesn’t let me in. It’s temporary, Daddy tells me, and I’d be wise to remember that, so I don’t get hurt.

Warning: Jared’s Evolution contains BDSM elements, domestic discipline, spanking, and daddy kink—without age play—between two consenting adults. If any of those things offend you, reading this book might not be a good idea.

Jared’s Evolution is part of the Desires Unleashed collection. Some books in this collection will have darker themes. Please be aware Desires Unleashed are er*tic and not your typical Riley Hart romance. You can expect the mental and emotional journey to be led by the physical/s*xual moments—which will be intense, frequent and kinky.

Available exclusively from Amazon.

Sep 7, 2017

LIVING OUT LOUD--now available

Hello!!! I'm excited to announce that my newest Nyrae Dawn collaboration with Christina Lee is now live!!!

You can find LIVING OUT LOUD exclusively on Amazon.

Ben Emerson has lived by his minister father’s rules most of his life. Born into an ultra-conservative church community, he’s finally brave enough to break free and move to San Francisco. Distancing himself certainly helps create a new mindset, but living as an openly gay man takes some getting used to. When he reaches out to Xavier, a childhood friend who lives in the city, Ben isn’t sure how he’ll respond given their thorny history. Ben hopes the familiar connection will help him right some wrongs as well as provide the solace he’s been craving.

Xavier Ramos is who he is, and he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. Whether it’s eyeliner, nail polish, tattoos or his love of hooking up, he uses his body as a form of self-expression but doesn’t let anyone get too close. When Ben reenters his life, Xavier helps him experience the city and feel comfortable in his own skin. Seeing the world through Ben’s eyes, he begins to wonder if he’s also not living as freely as he thought.

When Xavier challenges Ben’s beliefs about sex, it becomes explosive—for both of them. Xavier breaks apart Ben’s sheltered world and shows him what it’s like to live out loud. The more time they spend together, the more Xavier begins to long for Ben in a different way—one that both surprises and scares him. But real life doesn’t fade into the background, so when Ben’s past comes knocking, old habits are hard to break. Testing the foundation of their deepening connection will take a trust that will either bind them…or tear them apart.