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I've made a book guide, which might help you find the kind of Riley books you want. You can find it here



People often ask me what's a good place to start with my books.

Here are a few recommendations. 


The Endgame

Boyfriend Goals


Giving Chase

MORGAN ebook-1600x2400.jpg


When I left Birchbark angry and heartbroken, I vowed never to return.


Fate had other plans.


The father I hate had a stroke, so now I’m back in the Upper Peninsula to take care of him. The locals treat Dad like royalty, while Dad vacillates between open anger and flat-out ignoring me. Throw in my messy relationship with my brothers, and being in Birchbark becomes unbearable.


The only saving grace is Dusty, my childhood best friend. He’s always had my back, save for one night ten years ago that changed everything. Despite my endless family drama, Dusty becomes my solace, and it’s not long before our emotional connection becomes more. Dusty worships my body in ways no man has before, but more importantly, he’s stolen my heart. Except Dusty’s home is here, and mine is in Santa Monica, as far away as I can get.


While I’m battling it out with Dad and trying to hold the family together, my every impulse is to leave the first chance I get. But I can’t leave Dusty behind. Not again. If I want a chance at real happiness, I’ve got to work through this anger and grief…even if the hits keep coming.


Morgan is a small-town, friends-to-lovers romance with all the feels, heat, and character development you expect from a Riley Hart novel. It deals with themes of grief, loss of a parent/sibling (off-page), and toxic family relationships. 

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