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I've made a book guide, which might help you find the kind of Riley books you want. You can find it here



People often ask me what's a good place to start with my books.

Here are a few recommendations. 


The Endgame

Boyfriend Goals


Giving Chase

ON THE MOUNTAIN ebook-1600x2400.jpg

One feels he’s not worthy of love. The other fears he doesn’t know how. But the sizzling chemistry
between them has both tempted to explore the unknown.


I was intrigued by Crow at first glance. Who wouldn’t be? He’s a mountain of a man, who was raised in a cult and now lives secluded in the wilderness. But the draw I feel to him goes beyond mild interest. When his intense gaze falls my way, it feels like he can see into my soul, to my deepest yearnings and desires.

I took a bold chance venturing to his mountain uninvited. But I can’t help myself. Despite Crow’s dangerous façade, I feel at home when I’m near him. I’ve never felt wanted or needed…until the mountain man took me in his arms.


The mountain is my home, the only place that truly suits me. I reveled in my solitude…until Cyrus showed up looking as lonely as I felt. The warmth in his gaze made me welcome someone into my home and my heart when I never have before.

The way he smells. The way he feels. I come apart with his every touch. The past haunts us both. Yet when we’re together, the weight of it is manageable. Cyrus is mine, and I don’t ever want to let him go. Still, I fear that eventually he’ll want to leave the mountain, and for the first time in my life, I don’t want to be alone.

On the Mountain deals with depictions of mental illness, past substance abuse, an MC who was raised in a cult, childhood abuse/neglect and trauma. For a full list of warnings, please use the look-inside feature to read the content warning at the beginning of the book.

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