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Hookups have always been my thing, and expanding new ways of playing has me . . . curious. The idea of submitting to someone's total domination and care? It feels right when not much else in my life has.


Dominance and submission have always been things I need in my life--even when it made me lose someone I loved. It's a thrilling, fulfilling spark when a submissive hands control over to me. And, for the right man, at the right time, maybe I need to be the one forced to my knees.


I've never understood the need to be submissive . . . or dominant, for that matter. Trust doesn't come easily for me. But there was that one time I watched my best friend with his Sir, and it roused something in me I don't want to admit. Just like I can't acknowledge out loud how alone I feel.

Then my friend, Jordan, decides to play with David, a dominant we both know, and I think I'm jealous. They intrigue me separately, but Jordan and David together makes my interest even more explosive. Maybe, I want to let go, to let someone else to take the reins, so I can just be. When the three of us decide to explore together, I realize how good it can feel to be submissive, but I like the other side of it, too. Discovering both my submissive and dominant side with them is just playing. I don't have it in me to fall in love with one person, so how can I risk the pain of loving two?


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I may be young, but I know what I want.


I yearn to be submissive, both in and out of the bedroom. There’s nothing I crave more than being under the control of another man. Handing over power would fulfill a need I feel down to the marrow of my bones.


What I don’t know is how to get it. This kind of relationship requires complete trust—something I don’t give to anyone except my only friend.


Then along comes Dr. Aidan Kingsley. For the third time in my life, he helps me, without even knowing it, and someone like that, I can’t help but believe in. This is the man I’m meant to be on my knees for. Aidan is meant to be my Sir.


I’ve never had a full-time submissive.


I’ve certainly never had a houseboy, but when I meet Finley, I can’t seem to turn him away.


Instead, I decide to keep things simple, showing Finley that he can take pride on his knees but also stand on his own. He takes care of my home, and he gives me control, in a strictly platonic way, even though he wants more. He’s so beautiful, so naturally submissive, that I’m having a hard time sticking to my rules.


The more he flourishes and the more he craves from me, the tougher I find it to deny him. Before I know it, he’s under my skin. In my bed and in my heart. It wasn’t supposed to go this far. I was only supposed to give him the tools he needed to find his own strength, yet somehow, in the finding of Finley, I found myself too.


But my precious boy is only twenty; nineteen years my junior. And as I’ve told him, forever is a long time, and nothing in life is guaranteed.

Warning: Finding Finley contains various kinks, BDSM elements, domestic discipline and a nineteen-year age gap. Please take that into consideration before deciding if this book is for you.


Finding Finley is part of the Desires Unleashed collection—which is not a series, but a line of books with similar themes. Please be aware Desires Unleashed are not your typical Riley Hart romance. You can expect the mental and emotional journey to be led by the physical/sexual moments—which will be intense, frequent, and kinky.


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