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Alex has been my best friend since we were two. We do everything together, which is why I felt…weird when at sixteen I found out he’s gay. How can Alex be something I’m not?


But now he’s getting married…to a guy he’s been engaged to for three months…in Vegas, which isn’t Alex’s style.

Luckily, they realize what a mistake this would be and the ceremony doesn’t happen. Hungover, Alex and I go on his honeymoon together where we discover a wedding did go down, and I’m now married to my best friend.


Did I mention I’m straight?


But if that’s true, why do I love the idea of being married to him? Why do I want to touch him, kiss him, and never let go?


Looks like I’m actually bi and maybe I’ve been in love with Alex all along.



Married to my Best Friend is a 27,000 word novella, which was previously available in the year long YBBB promotion. 

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