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Mickey Boring has always felt like his life is…well, boring. He’s a little shy, a little nerdy, a librarian who loves books—not real cool, in his opinion. The only exciting thing about him is the fact that he’s a secret writer of spicy stories who lives out his fantasies in the stories he pens. Oh and he loves writing those things in public—at a coffeehouse to be exact, owned by his crush, Ronan Winters.

When Mickey gets the prompt Never Have I Ever, on a message board, he knows exactly how he wants to end that sentence…Never Have I Ever Gone Skinny-Dipping…to live out a missed opportunity from eight years ago. And he’s determined that Ronan Winters is the man he’s going to get to go with him.

Mickey just has to figure out how to ask him first. No big deal, right?

Never Have I Ever Gone Skinny-Dipping was originally published in Heart2Heart Charity Anthology Volume 5. It contains no new scenes but is expanded to include 1,000 additional words. This book is a completed short story at 16,000 words.

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